Welcome to the Agents of Venus blog

Welcome to the Agents of Venus blog
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ride a Boduvt All Over the Web (or, LastFM is pretty cool)

Boduvians! At long last, Agents of Venus' new album is all over the web.

If you look to the right, you'll find links to buy the album on ITUNES, AMAZON, and CD BABY.

The best deal to get the physical CD is on CD Baby, only $9.99 (which also sells the album on MP3 for the same price). You can download Boduvt on Itunes for only $9.99, too! The best price to get the MP3 album is on Amazon - only $8.99! Sweet, yeah? Seriously, this is a freakin steal. You can also purchase the CD on Amazon, (its a little pricier, but if you want to spend the dough, we ain't gonna stop ya). Any of you NAPSTER freaks can listen to full songs and buy AoV:Boduvt here.

And the coolest discovery: LAST FM! This site is great. Not only does it allow you to hear new tracks from our album, you can also add it to a music library, along with music from any other band you may dig, and Last FM will create a playlists for you, free streaming your own AoV inspired radio station. Dope! Make it happen here!

So what are you waiting for? Ride a Boduvt to Synchroni City all over the web, and grok hard with your Agents of Venus!

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