Welcome to the Agents of Venus blog

Welcome to the Agents of Venus blog
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Friday, February 26, 2010

The Agents Dossiers

The agents in question:

Venus CentralAllen Towbin: Vox, Guitars, keyboards, bass, drum programming, songwriter, producer, engineer, L.A. Flair. Agent 333 aka Jack's Dad aka King Sol Omen the Decider (and owner of Sol Omen's deli on 24th and Park, NYC) aka Tweek Czar aka the New Sun aka Sir William Ocean the Water Shaker aka Allainsk Tobiansk aka Two Ton Tobleron aka the Golden Throat. Operates the Living Orchestra in Venus Boduvt Central Mothership via the Maze Studios. Freddy Mercury imitations, plumber's crack model. Sleeps erratically.

Advanced Scout
Phil Ristaino: Vox, raps, lyrics, songwriter, producer, cover artist, Intergalactic Translator and Total Loony. Aka Zuben El Genubi aka Merc Curry the Messenger aka Al Chemical aka These Are Dreams aka the Babel Fish aka the Post Relevant Movement aka Lil Shpilky aka the Fool. Venus' mouthpiece, speaks the language of the birds, pushes envelopes, draws conclusions, turns phrases, Boduvt scout ship stunt pilot. Compulsive voice doubler. Lives on the edge of culture.

The Ground CrewMike Parillo: Drums, intensity, food critique, Takes No Shit. Aka Good Time aka St Mikey the Dragon Tamer aka Abe Froman, the Sausage King of NJ aka Mikale Parillonache aka the Knows aka the Modern Drummer aka the Italian Cyclone aka the Miker. Wields the flaming drumsticks of righteousness. Keeps the Mule in line. Makes the skins grin and the trap clap. Stays high and informed. 1/2 of 2 and 1/2.

Derrick Ogden: Bass, phraseologist, Lou Ferigno impersonator, Keeper of the Mule. Aka Homey Mulebagger (latin mulus baggus) aka Mad King Altas of Atlantis aka the Dragon aka Iowa Fatts aka Da Gront aka Coin Purse aka Sausage Salad Sandwich. Lays down the dragon lines with his steeds Slappy and Fatty. Can carry a whole band on his back (literally). Known to bite her thigh in the garden. Incan warrior and car salesman. 2 of 2 and 1/2.

Special Guest Agents
Scott Jacoby aka Geek Star: keyboards on Fall off the Earth

Steve Donnelly aka Von Dut aka Scuba Steve aka the Chopping Penguin aka Chopper: Guitars and thunder wing chop on Political Criminal. Mushroom print specialist.

The Boss
aka the Sun Eve
aka the Reason
aka True Love

Agents of Venus exists because of the legacies of two now legendarily obscure bands, and lovingly dedicates this album to the memories of:
Dr Dolittle

and the Troy Westfield Experience

Rock on, Agents Everywhere!