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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lyrics to the Post Relevant Movement


It comes from nowhere and it goes back into nothin
Zuben El Genubi with his fingee on da button
It comes from nowhere and it goes back into nothin
Post relevant movement gets behind all that is frontin

It comes from nowhere, it flows near, Halt, who goes there?
Infinitesimal tap dancing, microscopic Fred Astair
Climbing Ginger Roger’s dna debuting debonair
It is a spiral without rival and a debutante with flair
It comes from nowhere always something generatin
Puzzlein and piddlein two riddilin for concentration
You can focus hocus pocus on its magic while you’re matin
Rhyme and reason Jackie Gleason sends you “To the moon!” frustratin
Every earthly attempt to tune in the big G’s home station
You can clear and you can repeat, or repeat a clear pause
Applause thanks, and money, too, Zoinks!
Shaggy and Scooby getting greedy snackin oinks
Bong rips and bumpin hips in the mystery machine
Animatin Post Relevancy fancy and obscene
Its obscurity is purity, its wisdom obsolete
Cause it’s over when it started, before it’s finished it’s complete (plete)

I have seen
(I have seen)
Windows to dreams
(Windows to dreams)
(A glowing machine)

A pattern Esher understood
Post Relevancy dances wid da wiccas in da wood
Doin whatever comes naturally to bruddas in the hood
Jumpin ropes at zeotropes, baptisin popes because he could
So all the Chinese in the house say “Post Lerevancy”
The business men see $ and say “What’s in it for me?”
The Eskimos eating ice cream say “Shit, it’s fuckin freezing!”
And all the sisters round the way say “Saltine you crazy!”
No I ain’t crazy, I’m Post Relevantly wack
I ain’t lazy, I post relevant slack
Do I amaze thee?  Then you must PR lack
And can I touch those titties?  You got the PR rack
So don’t be mad or sad because the fad ain’t fake
I’m Post Relevantly rad my dads is bad with the rake
Liftin the Autumn leaves to re-align with the trees
Cause spring is back in rotation modulating a permanent vacation

I have seen
(I have seen)
Windows to dreams
(Windows to dreams)
(A glowing machine)
Underneath it all

Comes from nowhere and it goes back into nothing
El Genubi with his fingee pokin’ pop n’ fresh’s belly button
Moving mountains into molehills munchkins
Take a pudgy penguin pavement pounding till that bird’s a puffin
It’s a whirlwind with a spiral generator with a spark
It’s a baby black sheep’s baba, white milk in the dark
It’s an underwater engine serenading all the sharks
It’s the belly of the whale and a walk in the park
It’s a movement 
It’s a movement
To tap in you raise antennae and groove with it
After all, you will recall no need to prove to it
Cause its you when you are through and you are smooth and mint
Mocha chip double dip cream dream so flavoric
Silver surfer smurfing solar systems top of my cool whip
I trip on every possibility, nothing specific
The Movement’s anything wrapped into none just listen to it…

lyrics copyright 2010 Towbin/Ristaino

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