Welcome to the Agents of Venus blog

Welcome to the Agents of Venus blog
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Agents of Venus are coming!

Howdy folks. In honor of the impending release of the new, premiere album from Agents of Venus, entitled Boduvt, I thought I'd post this presentation by a man who has had actual contacts with people from Venus. His presentation is very straightforward and honest, I think it is one of the best first person accounts of contact I have ever seen, and well worth anyone's time if you want to get a sense of the lost history and coming wonderment right here on good old planet Earth. Please check it out, its worth it!

Peace and Love to All.

your pal, Phil, aka Zuben El Genubi, aka Al Chemical, aka the Post Relevant Movement, aka These Are Dreams, aka Merc Curry the messenger, aka the Fool, Agent of Venus.

The presentation is in 11 parts, I'm only posting the first one, but hopefully it will be enough to encourage you to watch the full presentation.....

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